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You will be able to log in for up-to-the-minute updates on your loan in process and easily submit needed documentation to us to help ensure a faster transaction for you. This new state-of- the-art communication system will also support our efforts toward complete paperless transactions and helps us further our Think Green initiatives!

Think Green

The Health of the Planet Lies in Each of Our Hands

VITEK Mortgage Group is committed to thinking green and instituting green practices company-wide!

Think Green We believe in our corporate responsibilities and doing our part to help reduce our carbon footprint.

We are continually striving to reduce our paper waste. Toward this end we employ advanced digital technology, including electronic document transfer and digital document scanning. Our goal is to reach the point of completely paperless transactions.

Our office recycle system both protects your identity and provides for smart re-use of resources. Leftover printer material is collected in secure bins throughout our offices and picked up by our document shredding vendor. The documents are shredded and our paper waste is then recycled into useable paper products.

We also provide innovative loan programs that help our clients in their efforts to be "green" too. FHA's Streamline(k) and Energy Efficient Mortgage are two great programs that help you to upgrade to energy saving items throughout your home, lowering energy bills and reducing your environmental impact. These programs allow you to add the financing for energy efficiency upgrades right into your primary home loan.

We believe the health of the planet lies in each of our hands, and we are committed to doing our part to protect the environment.