Unsung Heroes: Daniel Kuchugurny – See a Need, Fill a Need

The greatest thing about VITEK is its employees…many of whom are contributing to our community in big ways.

These ‘Unsung Heroes’ often go unnoticed for the positive impact they are making, but we want that to change, so we are highlighting these special VITEKians and the organization(s) they serve.

With all of the busyness of our daily lives, it’s often easy for us to forget that there are over 45 million1 people here in America living in poverty and other needs every day. VITEK Mortgage Loan Originator, Daniel Kuchugurny, has seen this need firsthand and is passionate about helping make a difference through volunteering with the Los Angeles Dream Center.

Founded in 1994, the Dream Center is a Christian based non-profit organization that operates out of a remodeled hospital, offering support to over 80,000 individuals and families each month.2 Every floor and adjacent building of the hospital has been remodeled to serve a specific need in the community.

Through mobile hunger relief and medical programs, residential rehabilitation programs for adults, a shelter for victims of human trafficking, transitional housing for homeless families, foster care intervention programs, job skills training, life skills, counseling, and basic education, the Dream Center works to meet people where they are at, to bring them hope and a way off the streets.2

In the summer of 2014, Daniel Kuchugurny led a group of Sacramento youth down to Los Angeles to volunteer at the Dream Center. Alongside other volunteers and staff members, the team helped prepare and sort food to be distributed throughout low-income areas around Los Angeles and help fill the many other needs of the organization.

Daniel Kuchugurny

“If there is one thing I left with the first time I volunteered at the Dream Center, was how much poverty and hurt exists here in our own country!”
Daniel Kuchugurny

(Daniel volunteering at one of the Dream Center’s food truck distribution sites.)

How you can get involved:

There is a great number of people in our nation living in poverty and with serious needs. Whether you are looking to volunteer, or contribute financially, working together we can make a positive change. If you would like to learn more about the Los Angeles Dream Center and how you can help, please visit DreamCenter.org.

We would love for you to share in the comments below ways that you are creating change in our community as well. Together we can #BeTheChange!

1 FeedingAmerica.com
2 DreamCenter.org/about-us/

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