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VITEK Opens New Redding, CA Branch Location

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

Equifax® Data Breach

VITEK Mortgage Group is excited to announce our new branch location in Redding, CA. VITEK is no stranger to Redding with a previous successful branch from 2003 – 2011. Mark Gazzigli, VITEK’s former Redding Branch Manager, has returned home to VITEK as Regional Manager to help support the growth of VITEK in the region, along with the needs of our borrowers.

Mark’s decision to return to VITEK was, “driven by the company’s core values, competitive pricing, and unwavering commitment to their borrowers and business partners. I am extremely excited about the opportunity to realign with a company that not only shares my vision of an excellent loan experience for the borrower, but has proven again and again they have the resources, knowledge, and platform to close loans on time.”

VITEK President, Harry Duncan, says, “We’re excited for this time of growth and once again to be established in Redding. Our new location will provide us additional resources and opportunities to grow and better serve the home-financing needs of our clients.”

Switching To New Loan-servicing Provider

Friday, June 24th, 2016

Loan-servicing Provider

At VITEK Mortgage Group we are continually looking for ways to improve our systems to make your customer experience great. As of July 1st we are switching to a new loan-servicing provider that will be collecting your mortgage payments and managing your mortgage on VITEK’s behalf. This change will provide us better tools to service the loans of our borrowers.

If you currently make your mortgage payments directly to VITEK Mortgage Group this change will affect you. In July, your loan will be switching to our new platform and provider. You will be receiving two letters going over this change and what you need to know. Please make sure to read each of them. Note that your loan will remain with VITEK and you will continue to make your payments to us. The key change will be where you mail your payments. Your automatic payments and internet logins will need to be re-setup. If you haven’t already, you will be receiving a letter in the mail with information on creating a new online account and setting up auto bill pay, should you choose to do so.

A few benefits of our new service provider:

  • Extended customer service hours:
    • Monday – Friday 5:30 am – 8:00 pm Pacific Time
    • Saturday 5:30 am – 5:00 pm Pacific Time

  • Loan statements will now include your Mortgage Loan Originator’s information
  • For Supplemental Property Tax Bills, if sufficient funds are in your impound account, we can now pay directly your supplemental property taxes to the taxing authority. Just contact our new customer service department for each payment when due.

We are really excited about this new change and continuing to provide our borrowers the excellent loan experience they have come to expect from us.

Should you have any questions about this new change, please feel free to reach out to our customer service center Monday – Friday 5:30 am – 8:00 pm or Saturday 5:30 am – 5:00 pm at (855) 646-6843.

Finance Remodeling Projects into Your Home Loan

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

The below infographic shows major remodels have been on the rise this year. As equity in their home has increased over the past year, many homeowners are choosing to refinance and make repairs, additions, and remodels to their homes.

Did you know, you can finance these updates into your home loan? Using special home loan products like FHA’s 203(k) or Streamline(k), borrowers can finance these remodeling costs and increase their home’s value at the same time!

Infograhic on the Value of Remodeling

5 Things to Avoid When Obtaining a Home Loan

Monday, November 10th, 2014

5 Things to Avoid When Obtaining a Home Loan

Any one of these five things can greatly impact your ability to qualify for a home loan. It is critical to avoid doing any of the following until after your loan has closed escrow.

1.) Do Not Change Jobs

Changing jobs before or during the loan process can create a real problem in qualifying you for a home loan, particularly if that job is in a different line of work or at a lower rate of pay. Due to verification requirements during the loan process, it can also create major time delays.

2.) Do Not Switch Banks or Move Your Money Around

It is best to leave your money right where it is until your loan closes. Moving your money to a new bank, or even into a new account, can wreak havoc with the verification process. Keep copies of all checks deposited into your account if they are larger than your normal paycheck. Examples would include, but not be limited to, bonuses from your employer, gifts from relatives, or monies received from the sale of assets.

3.) Do Not Pay Off Bills

Your mortgage loan originator, will advise you if it is necessary to pay off a bill to help you qualify for a home loan. They will also show you the best way to pay off debts, to make sure we have the correct evidence of payment.

4.) Do Not Make Any Major Purchases

Many borrowers make the mistake of buying a new car, some furniture, or other major purchases without realizing the impact it can have on their ability to buy a home. A large monthly payment added during the loan process can affect the amount of home you can qualify for and can actually make it extremely difficult to get your loan approved.

5.) Do Not Leave Town

Leaving town during the loan process can greatly delay you from obtaining your home loan. Your mortgage loan originator will periodically need to obtain signatures and/or documentation from you during the transaction, and each delay in receiving the needed items can cost you valuable time and money in closing your home loan.

Finance Home Repair and Remodeling Expenses

Monday, September 15th, 2014

Whether it’s remodeling the kitchen or bathroom(s), updating landscaping, or changing out floors, as the infograph shows below, most homeowners are typically not short on projects they would love to do to their home. What they often are short on, though, is cash for the updates. That’s where renovation loan products like the FHA 203(k) and Streamline(k) can help! Borrowers can finance renovation, update, and repair costs into their purchase or refinance loan. This allows you to finance the updates you would like to make to your home and increase the home’s value at the same time.

Infograh on Remodeling Survey