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VITEK's Mortgage Loan Originators represent the best in the business, combining mortgage expertise with a highly responsive customer service ethic.


If you prefer speaking in your native language, we have Mortgage Loan Originators who can serve you.

Si usted prefiere el hablar en su lengua materna, tenemos los consultores del préstamo que pueden servirle.

Si vous préférez parler dans votre langue maternelle, nous avons des consultants en matière de prêt qui peuvent vous servir.




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  Name Branch Location Phone Number
gene_ackerman.jpegAckerman, GeneElk Grove, CA(916) 974-4180
david_aukes.jpgAukes, DavidSacramento, CA Branch(530) 304-5519
jaime_baer.jpgBaer, JaimePlacerville, CA Branch(530) 621-0222
chris_barrow.jpgBarrow, ChrisAuburn, CA(916) 724-5131
david_bartley.jpgBartley, David Sacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4144
kimberly_bixler.jpgBixler, KimberlyRoseville, CA Branch(916) 724-5122
jennifer_caplanbarth2.jpgCaplan-Barth, Jennifer Home Office, CA(916) 343-9633
steve_cockerell.jpgCockerell, StevePlacerville, CA Branch(530) 621-0222
lori_cooley.jpgCooley, LoriVacaville, CA(707) 689-5281
kali_crawford.jpgCrawford, KaliK Street, CA(916) 706-3153
laura_derry.jpgDerry, LauraSacramento, CA Branch(916) 724-5094
joshua_dubovsky.jpgDubovsky, JoshuaRoseville, CA(916) 486-6447
philip_duncan2.jpgDuncan, Philip Home Office, CA(916) 486-6430
harry_duncan2.jpgDuncan, Harry Home Office, CA(916) 486-6900
cheryl_foley2.jpgFoley, CherylAuburn, CA(530) 888-1234
esther_fuller2.jpgFuller, EstherSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4156
daniel-garza.jpgGarza, DanielElk Grove, CA(916) 974-4160
paul_glushku.jpegGlushku, PaulRoseville, CA Branch(916) 724-5995
dan_gross.jpgGross, DanPlacerville, CA Branch(916) 724-5093
alex_hall.jpgHall, AlexFair Oaks, CA(916) 974-4170
danica_halverson.jpgHalverson, DanicaEl Dorado Hills, CA(916) 990-3966
andrew_hannah.jpgHannah, AndrewFolsom, CA(916) 486-6415
judy_hayes.jpgHayes, JudyPlacerville, CA Branch(530) 621-0222
mike_hobson.jpgHobson, MikeWest Roseville / Rocklin, CA(916) 486-6971
vitek-logo.jpgHome Loan, CalPERM Home Office, CA(866) 787-0300
nikki_jaeger.jpgJaeger, NikkiNatomas, CA(916) 486-3470
evelyne_jamet2.jpgJamet, EvelyneSacramento, CA Branch(916) 452-8800
elizabeth_jenkins.jpgJenkins, ElizabethK Street, CA(916) 476-3990
stacy_kelly.jpgKelly, StacyAuburn, CA(530) 863-4661
sarah_lee3.jpgLee, SarahK Street, CA(916) 476-3631
katie_logsdon.jpgLogsdon, KatieRoseville, CA Branch(916) 724-5128
joe_martini.jpgMartini, JosephSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4150
laurie_mattos.jpgMattos, LaurieElk Grove, CA(916) 806-8878
stephanie_mccarthy2.jpgMcCarthy, StephanieRoseville, CA Branch(916) 223-9491
liza_nguyen.jpgNguyen, LizaSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4172
marlena_olson4.jpgOlson, MarlenaSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4147
brent_petefish.jpgPetefish, BrentRoseville, CA Branch(916) 782-2442
photo_holder.jpgPinnell, RichRedding, CA(530) 768-5557
randy_randazzo2.jpgRandazzo, RandySacramento, CA Downtown(916) 889-8528
jody_reese2.jpgReese, JodyFair Oaks, CA(916) 505-7689
eric_riley.jpgRiley, Eric Home Office, CA(916) 974-4173
jason_russell.jpgRussell, Jason Home Office, CA(916) 974-4171
chuck_scott.jpgScott, CharlesSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4158
lucero_serrano.jpgSerrano, Lucero Home Office, CA(916) 974-4178
art_sims.jpgSims, ArthurRoseville, CA Branch(916) 974-4146
luke-spates.jpgSpates, LukeSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4177
photo_holder.jpgSpringer, ChristineRedding, CA(530) 768-5559
chad_stellmacher.jpgStellmacher, ChadSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4142
richard_strasser.jpgStrasser, RichardRoseville, CA Branch(916) 724-5139
dustin_terrazas.jpgTerrazas, Dustin Home Office, CA(916) 974-4169
photo_holder.jpgThurston, JolieRedding, CA(530) 768-5558
robert_turrietta2.jpgTurrietta, RobertSacramento, CA Branch(916) 455-4279
Wendy_Voo.jpgVoo, WendySacramento, CA Branch(916) 705-6381
shannon_walton.jpgWalton, ShannonK Street, CA(916) 706-3637
kenneth-wilburn.jpgWilburn, Kenneth Home Office, CA(916) 974-4159
antoinette_zirkle.jpgZirkle, Antoinette (Toni)Roseville, CA Branch(916) 724-5095
jennifer_zweck3.jpgZweck, JenniferCameron Park, CA(530) 677-2460

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